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Spice is Nice: Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

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Nutritionists extol the virtues of herbs and spices as a way to ramp up flavor and tamp down the use of salt and butter. But many of these natural flavor-makers confer health benefits as well. Some studies indicate that regular doses of spice may reduce inflammation, ease pain or alleviate stress. Here are some of Read More

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How to Prevent Spider Veins

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Warm weather has arrived at last and you may have already broken out the shorts, sandals and breezy clothes. But baring your legs also can reveal spider veins. Spider veins are thin, branching veins just under the skin, usually on the legs or face. They can be red or blue and are a close cousin Read More

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Get in the Groove with a Workout DVD

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This month, H2U challenges you to take a dance class for fun and fitness. Choose a class that suits your workout style. For example, if you love pilates or tai chi, you might try a ballet-inspired workout. For something low-impact, belly dancing is a great option. And if you want a high-energy workout, hip hop Read More

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